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Check out our recent post on weloveannarbor.com about the different strains of probiotics and how they all have unique properties. Learning about these key differences is important when choosing the right type for you. Here’s a brief summary:

Common Strains of Probiotics

The most common strains and believed benefits include:

  • L. Animalis Lactis – believed to help strengthen the immune, GI and respiratory systems. Studies also show that this strain may help reduce symptoms associated with eczema.
  • L. Breve – shown to improve skin hydration/clearness in women and help with constipation and abdominal pain in kids.
  • L. Longum – shown to help improve symtoms in psychiatric conditions.
  • L. Acidophilus – shown to help reduce high cholesterol.
  • L. Reuteri – promotes oral health by fighting cavity-producing bacteria and helps reduce gum inflammation.

Sporebiotics and Prebiotics — What Are They?

Sporebiotics, or spore-based probiotics, are formulas that are believed to survive the stomach’s acid and be more effective in colonizing healthy bacteria in the gut, when compared with other formulas. For people taking antibiotics, this type of probiotics may be more effective, since antibiotics are meant to kill both good and bad bacteria.

Prebiotics are the non-living organisms that help feed the healthy bacteria in our guts. Prebiotics are very important because, without them, the benefits of probiotics may be eliminated.

Maximize the Benefits of Your Probiotics

Thinking about adding probiotics to your diet? Read the full article, including tips to maximize the benefits of your probiotics here.

If you need help determining which type is right for you, our pharmacists have extensive training in gut health and nutrition and can help! Give us a call or send us an email for more information.

If you’re interested in setting up a consultation, give us a call or email us!

Mona registered dietician in Ann Arbor Michigan

Mona AlAudhi, Dietician

Mona Alaudhi is Clark’s in-house Registered Dietitian. She has bachelor’s degree in dietetics and master’s degree in human nutrition from Eastern Michigan University. She has been a dietitian for over 10 years and worked in academia, outpatient, inpatient, fitness centers and retail settings. She has a strong knowledge in supplements and believes everyone should take a probiotic daily.

She offers 1:1 consultations, customized diet plans, and supplement audits. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Mona’s nutrition philosophy:

“The road to wellness includes nutrition, exercise, healthy mental status and more. As a dietitian, my goal is to provide you with information and tools that will help you create a healthful diet based on real food that is natural, whole, minimally processed , as close to earth as possible and most importantly exciting to eat. Eating right should be easy, affordable, fun and personalized. It should also compliment your level of physical activity and health status. I hope to improve our community’s health and well-being through my nutrition knowledge and passion for good food.”