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Why does PCAB accreditation matter?

Having a Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) accreditation means we’re committed to meeting the highest industry standards. This translates to improved safety, efficacy, and quality of care for you.

How does PCAB accreditation help you?

PCAB Accreditation Benefits

PCAB Accreditation

PCAB facilitates a standardized level of service that includes sound procedures, documentation, and training to ensure consistent performance.

Why choose a PCAB accredited pharmacy?

  • Improved safety, efficiency, and quality of care
  • Use of evidence-based best practices
  • Meet compliance requirements for payers, networks, and regulatory organizations
  • Compliant with United States Pharmacopia Guidelines (USP)

Clark Pharmacy is Compliant

USP 795 Non-Sterile Compliant

USP 795 standard procedures include:

  • Only use USP-grade chemicals from FDA-approved suppliers
  • Request certificate of analysis for all ingredients used
  • Routine product testing
  • Ongoing staff training
  • Ongoing independent certifications
  • Decontamination cleaning after every compound is made
  • Monthly floor-to-ceiling decontamination
  • Mandatory full-body sterile clothing

USP 797 Sterile Compliant

USP 795 procedures include:

  • Daily monitoring of clean room temperature and humidity
  • Weekly lab tests on air and surface samples in sterile lab
  • Routine third-party certification of employee accuracy skills
  • Positive pressure sterile compounding room to prevent contamination
  • HEPA filtration system to control lab's air quality