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“Clark Pharmacy is a top run place. Nathan has a great staff who sincerely seeks to support the community’s pharmaceutical needs. I’ve had thorough conversations about the thyroid with both Nathan and Ed. I enjoy perusing the store shelves for highly vetted products to see what is new. They do their homework on the companies before any of their products land in their pharmacy.”

Susan T.

“So grateful for folks at Clarks for providing excellent customer service and care in a time when so many don't. When there was a problem with the way my (urgently-needed) prescription was written, the pharmacist went above and beyond to contact the prescribing doctor to get it reconciled, and expedited the order to make sure it would be filled as soon as possible. Thank you!”

Katie W.

“Best pharmacy ever for fulfilling all my Rx, health, and informational needs. All employees are extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. And Pharmacist Nathan always was ready to provide the proper info I needed, and could not find elsewhere, even with several physicians! I would highly recommend this compounding pharmacy!”

Marnie B.

“I’ve been a customer of Clark Pharmacy for several years. They are uniquely positioned to provide my customized medicine needs which are produced in a safe and sterile environment - thank you for the ongoing service.”

Shawn S.

“Clark Pharmacy has an extremely knowledgeable staff ready to answer all medication and supplement questions. Very clean with a great selection and are willing to order what you need.”

Emily K.

“I stop by from time to time to get information about supplements. There are a wide variety of supplements and have become my place to go for several years. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. Thank you Clark Pharmacy!”

Aneta W.

“Came for the medicine, stayed for the service! These wonderful people actually care about you, it's a breath of fresh air(inhaler optional) whenever I need to visit Clark!”

Stephen J.

“Super friendly and fast, helped get my cat's meds made into a transdermal ointment which is SOOOO much easier than trying to get him to swallow a pill.”

Beth R.

“I had an excellent experience at Clark pharmacy. The pharmacist described how the medication worked and how to administer it. Nathan’s instructions were clear and easy to follow. He was compassionate in addressing my health issue and concerns. I would highly recommend this pharmacy.”

Mary Jo P.

“I was in need of a specialty liquid med for my small dog. This med was back ordered long term everywhere, but Clark Pharmacy was able to make me a compound rx within an hours request. They are truly exceptional! Thank you so much!”

Sarah M.

“Clark Professional Pharmacy is the place to go for personalized care. They have great selection of natural products and the staff is awesome and take your concerns to heart.”

William N.

“I always receive fast, personal and courteous service at Clark pharmacy. I rely on Nathan’s council for my supplements and related health issues. I feel very confident using this pharmacy.”

Dianna F.

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