Compounding Services

Hormone Replacement for Men and Women

  • Hormones derived from biological sources that are structurally identical to the natural hormones in your body
  • Both men and women go through age-related decline in hormones

Men: Adropause

  • Symptoms:
  • Solutions: Testosterone
  • Formulations
    • Gel rubbed into skin


  • Symptoms:
  • Solutions: Estrogen, Progesterone
  • Formulations available
    • Cream
    • Gel
    • Troche
    • Oral oil (sublingual)
    • Suppositories


  • Deficiencies in thyroid hormone is common in the United States, especially in women and as we age
    • Symptoms include: Fatigue, cold intolerance, weight gain, dry skin and hair, depression, aching muscles and joints, constipation, infertility, irregular menstrual periods
  • We offer traditional synthetic thyroid hormone replacement therapies as well as thyroid hormones from natural sources in manufactured or compounded formulations
    • Specialty dosing
  • We also have medications that can treat excess of thyroid hormone
    • Symptoms: Anxiety, heat intolerance, excess sweating, diarrhea

Pediatric Compounding

  • Medications are made for adults, when the companies design drugs they aren’t thinking about children – optimize dosing for their age and body weight
  • Can’t swallow pills – size of the tablets or capsules are too big for most children
  • Also the strength is often too strong for children
  • Taste –  add flavors, mask bitterness
  • Alternative dosage forms – make a tablet into a suspension

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Nutrition Consultations and Supplements

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Pain Management

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Gluten Free and Vegan Friendly

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