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Clark Professional Compounding Pharmacy

Before the early 1900s, pharmacists prepared medications in their labs, ordered by physicians specifically for each patient.

In recent history, the sole purpose of the pharmacist was to safely transfer medications prescribed by the physician from the manufacturer to the patient.

We value these core traditions of pharmacy and believe pharmacists can do much more in order to ensure each patient receives the specialized and personal care they deserve.

PCAB Accreditation

PCAB accreditation requires we meet stringent and comprehensive standards set by an external accreditor responsible for certifying less than 160 pharmacies across the country that meet their criteria.

Our pharmacy abides by strict industry standards and guidelines which go above and beyond other pharmacies in areas like quality control, third party testing, and best practices in compounding to ensure your product is the best and safest possible product.

This accreditation ensures your medications are thoroughly tested against the profession’s highest standards for safety, efficacy and minimized errors.

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