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Clark Professional Compounding Pharmacy

What Are Compounded Drugs?

Compounding started in the early 1900s when pharmacists prepared medications in their labs, ordered by physicians specifically for each patient. Despite the fact that in recent history the sole purpose of the pharmacist has been to safely transfer medications prescribed by the physician from the manufacturer to the patient, Clark Professional Pharmacy still believes that pharmacists can do much more in order to ensure each patient receives the specialized and personal care they deserve.

Why Use Compounded Medications?

Compounded drugs are a great option for patients looking for customized medications. Patients and physicians choosing compounded products are looking  for:

  • provide more options for the treatment of complex conditions
  • hard-to-find, or discontinued medications
  • specific dosages that are not available for sale in the market
  • different mode of administration (for example, a patient with swallowing issues may be able to get their medication as a topical cream, instead of a capsule)
  • different flavors — our unique flavors include dye-free vanilla, strawberry and peppermint to pet-approved chicken, beef and tuna
  • medications tailored to specific dietary needs — we are able to make medications without gluten, sugar, dyes, lactose/dairy, corn, or pork gelatin

Our Quality Control 

We are one of the few pharmacies in Michigan that holds PCAB accreditation. PCAB is an external accreditor responsible for certifying pharmacies across the country that meet their criteria. This accreditation ensures your medications are thoroughly tested against the profession’s highest standards for safety, efficacy and minimized errors.  

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