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Voluntary Product Recalls

What happened?

Late August/early September 2020, a voluntary product recall was issued for several lots of Nature-Throid and WP Thyroid, used for the treatment of thyroid hormone imbalance.


This recall is being initiated by the manufacturers because they found that certain lots may contain less than the required 90% of the active ingredient.

What should patients do?

If you’re currently taking any of these products, do not discontinue use before contacting your physician for additional guidance and/or a replacement prescription. Also, call us at (734) 369-8782 to discuss potential alternatives for you.

What are the alternatives?

Because of this recall, and other factors, several thyroid medications are in short supply. One alternative we’ve found to have more stable sourcing is compounded T4/T3 (levothyroxine/liothyronine.) We are able to convert the dosage from your previous medication and make a customized T4/T3 medication just for you. T4/T3 is tested by a 3rd party for consistency, is highly customizable, and may have more favorable pricing than other branded products.

Keep in mind that, unlike desiccated porcine thyroid, T4/T3 medication is not from an animal source. Also, because it is a compounded medication, it may not be covered by your insurance.

Please give us a call at (734) 369-8782 with any questions.